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 My wife Kristen and I both served our country in different branches of the military. Outside of the military, she is a Dr. of Chiropractic and I have been in IT engineering and architect for decades. 

     Our love for wine, meeting new people, and a strong sense of adventure have brought us to this opportunity. Mastering the fine art of patience and planning, our winery and vineyard slowly took shape over the past few years. A year of planning, two years of build out, multiple years of new vine training, and wine making consumed our evenings and weekends. All of the hard work and countless late nights with friends and family brought us to this point. Our eight seasons have been a great success! Our customers, friends, family, and neighbors are all FANTASTIC! Thank you for allowing us this opportunity.



It takes amazing people to provide great service. We have a surrounded ourselves with the best to help make your visit memorable.



Tasting Room Manager



Wine & Vine


Nurse Alaina has been trained to remain calm under pressure. This means that she's organized, can dish out assignments, and knows her way around sharp objects like cork screws. The end result culminates in you getting your wine in the most safe and efficient way.  You should see her with horses. Tough and loving. She's the boss ...and then there is the fun & wacky side.

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